Businesses for Sale: Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Business (“The Company”)


Business Opportunity:

An opportunity exists to purchase the business assets of a UK based company specialising in the repair, maintenance and overhaul of commercial aircraft components.

The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity.  All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and specifically deal with Middleton Barton Asset Valuation as appointed agent on behalf of the vendor.


Business Overview:

  • The Company provides repair, maintenance and overhaul of commercial components to leading airlines and original aircraft component manufacturers.
  • The Company currently holds full accreditation with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) European Union Aviation Agency (EASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TTCA)
  • Long standing history of profitability and growth (pre Covid).


Assets Available for Sale:

  • Extensive inventory owned plant, machinery and equipment, office furniture and equipment, IT equipment and commercial vehicles equipment.
  • Additional limited inventory of plant and machinery subject to finance agreements
  • Stock of components and parts
  • Intellectual Property and Domain names.
  • Goodwill & Business.


Financial Information:

Full Year to 30/9/2020:

  • Turnover: £2,286,310
  • Gross Profit: £548,450
  • Net Profit/(Loss) (After Tax): (£757,324)

Full Year to 30/9/2019:

  • Turnover: £4,902,984
  • Gross Profit: £1,483,302
  • Net Profit/(Loss) (After Tax): £200,003

Full Year to 30/9/2018:

  • Turnover: £5,133,205
  • Gross Profit: £2,842,947
  • Net Profit/(Loss) (After Tax): £237,726



North West England, UK.


Deadline for Offers:

Any party interested in this opportunity is encouraged to promptly contact Middleton Barton Asset Valuation, and to sign and return a Non-Disclosure Agreement (issued on request). Deadline for offers by noon 12 February 2021.


Further Information:

Please contact Neil Duckworth on 0161 2172727 or email [email protected]







Business for Sale


North West, England.