Bespoke Furniture Manufacturing Business (“The Company”)


This business has now sold.


The businesses and assets of a North West based bespoke furniture manufacturing business.

The Company manufactures office furniture to a standard specification and also bespoke to a client’s requirement. In addition, the company has the ability to design and manufacture bespoke furniture for a range of uses including office, restaurant and bars.

The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity. All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and specifically deal with Middleton Barton Valuation Limited on behalf of the vendor.


Business Overview:

• Leasehold Premises located in the North West of England;
• UK Customer Base;
• Turnover £1,032,805 (12 months to 31 Jan 2017)
• Third Party Plant & Machinery;
• Raw Material Stock.


Financial Information:

Figures taken from the Unaudited Financial Statements:

12 Months to 31/01/2016
Turnover: £673,922
Gross Profit/(Loss): £159,491
Net Profit/(Loss): (£16,302)

12 Months to 31/01/2017
Turnover: £1,032,805
Gross Profit/(Loss): £109,154
Net Profit/(Loss): (£125,452)



The Company occupies manufacturing premises in the North West of England subject to a tenancy agreement.


Assets Available for Sale:

• Raw Material Stock;
• Goodwill;
• Intellectual Property.


Deadline for Offers:

Best and final offers no later than 5pm on Wednesday 3rd July 2018, all offers are to be supported by proof of funds.


Further Information:
Please email Damian Short on [email protected]







Business for Sale


North West, England