Cleaning and Support Services (“The Company”)


Business Opportunity:

An opportunity exists to purchase the business and assets of a leading UK outsourced cleaning & support services company.

The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity.  All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and specifically deal with Middleton Barton Asset Valuation as appointed agent on behalf of the vendor.


Business Overview:

  • The Company has established relationships with many top UK hospitality chains.
  • The Company usually operates in approximately 200 premises each day across the UK.
  • The business provides cleaning and other support services.
  • The Company operates with in excess of two thousand employees, employed on a contracted and zero hours contract basis.
  • Restored to operational profitability prior to the COVID-19 pandemic following challenging preceding period.
  • Excellent growth potential.


Assets Available for Sale:

  • Goodwill & Business.
  • Intellectual Property and Goodwill.
  • Limited inventory of Tangible Assets and Consumables


Financial Information:

Year to December 2020:

  • Turnover: £18m
  • Gross Profit: £1.8m
  • Net Profit/(Loss) after tax: (£2.6m)

Year to December 2019:

  • Turnover: £51.8m
  • Gross Profit: £3.6m
  • Net Profit/(Loss) after tax: (£0.2m)





Deadline for Offers:

Any party interested in this opportunity is encouraged to promptly contact Middleton Barton, and to sign and return a Non-Disclosure Agreement (issued on request). Deadline for offers by noon 10th March 2021.


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