Wholesale and Retail Specialised Lighting Product Supplier (“The Companies”)


This business has now been sold.



The business and assets of a South East based specialist energy-saving lighting supplier.

The two connected Companies offer lighting product supply for a range of applications including retail, commercial and domestic installations.  The Companies occupy an 11,000sq.ft. trade warehouse with offices and retail capabilities in the south east of England and a small retail unit with trade counter in a popular North London Borough.

The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity.  All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and specifically deal with Middleton Barton Asset Valuation as appointed agent on behalf of the vendor.


Business Overview

  • Specialist Energy Saving Lighting Product Supply;
  • Established Retail and Trade Customer Base;
  • Fully Fitted Leasehold Premises;
  • Combined Turnover (YE 28/2/2018) £1,293,373;
  • Non-Ecommerce Online Presence;
  • Unencumbered Tangible Assets; and
  • Lighting Product Stock Held.


Combined High Level Financial Information

Year Ending: 28/02/2015:

  • Turnover: £3,050,721
  • Gross Profit/(Loss): £1,012,301
  • Net Profit/(Loss): £54,605

Year Ending: 28/02/2016:

  • Turnover: £4,085,546
  • Gross Profit/(Loss): £1,139,950
  • Net Profit/(Loss): £177,816

Year Ending: 28/02/2017

  • Turnover: £4,183,790
  • Gross Profit/(Loss): £1,229,172
  • Net Profit/(Loss): £112,075

Year Ending: 28/02/2018

  • Turnover: £1,293,373
  • Gross Profit/(Loss): (£550,338)
  • Net Profit/(Loss): (£1,667,435)


Assets Available for Sale

  • Unencumbered Plant & Machinery;
  • Office Equipment & Motor Vehicle;
  • Product Stock;
  • Goodwill & Intellectual Property;
  • Customer Data;
  • Website; and
  • Leasehold Premises (subject to Assignment);



South East/South England, UK.


Deadline for Offers

Offers no later than 5pm on Monday 17th December 2018, all offers to be supported by proof of funds.


Further Information

Please contact Damian Short on 0161 359 4332 or by email [email protected]



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South/South East, England, UK