Architectural and Structural Steel Fabrication Business – Sold


Business Opportunity

An opportunity exists to purchase the businesses and assets of a steel fabrication business.

The Company fabricates architectural/structural steel and bespoke metalwork projects for both domestic and commercial markets.  The Company has a well established trading history and customer base.

The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity.  All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and specifically deal with the Joint Administrators or Middleton Barton Valuation as their appointed agent.


Business Overview

  • Metal Fabrication Business;
  • Established customer base;
  • Turnover circ. £323,000;
  • Ongoing Contracts and Work In Progress;
  • Order Book;
  • Leasehold Premises;


High Level Financial Information

12 Months to 31/3/2015 (£)

Turnover: 849,255

Gross Profit/(Loss): 295,715

Net Profit/Loss: 155,731


12 Months to 31/3/2016 (£)

Turnover: 629,832

Gross Profit/(Loss): 173,708

Net Profit/Loss: 38,881


12 Months to 31/3/2017 (£)

Turnover: 323,609

Gross Profit/(Loss): 43,576

Net Profit/Loss: (69,532)


Assets Available for Sale

  • Unencumbered Office Equipment, Plant and Motor Vehicles;
  • Goodwill & Intellectual Property;
  • Customer Data;
  • Ongoing Contracts/Work-In-Progress;
  • Order Book;



Hampshire, UK.


Deadline for Offers

Indicative offers no later than 12 noon on Thursday 24th August 2017, all offers to be supported by proof of funds.

Further Information

Please contact Damian Short on 0161 359 4332 or by email [email protected]