Sporting Goods Retailer and Manufacturer of Bespoke Sports Garments (“The Company”)


Business Opportunity

An opportunity exists to purchase the business assets of an established retailer of sports equipment, sports apparel, trophies and manufacturer of bespoke sports garments.

The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity.  All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and specifically deal with Middleton Barton Asset Valuation as appointed agent on behalf of the vendor.


Business Overview

  • The Company has an established reputation in the retail sale of sports goods, sports apparel and trophies.
  • The Company produces bespoke team sports strips by transfer printing and embroidery for sports clubs both regionally and nationally across the UK.
  • City centre retail business supplying specialist sporting goods and sportwear
  • Mail order bespoke sportswear manufacturing business supply sports teams across the UK.


Assets Available for Sale

  • Extensive inventory of sporting goods, trophies, and sportswear.
  • Inventory of embroidery, transfer printing and ancillary plant and machinery.
  • Finished Goods.
  • Excellent reputation and long-established customer relationships.
  • Intellectual Property and Domain names.
  • Goodwill & Business.


Financial Information:

12 months to 30th Nov 2017:

  • Turnover: £896,148
  • Gross Profit: £241,111
  • Net Profit/(Loss): £20,532

12 months to 30th Nov 2018:

  • Turnover: £896,039
  • Gross Profit: £201,116
  • Net Profit/(Loss): (£28,014)



North East England, UK.


Deadline for Offers:

Any party interested in this opportunity is encouraged to promptly contact Middleton Barton, and to sign and return a Non-Disclosure Agreement (issued on request).  Deadline for offers by noon 23rd October 2020.








Business For Sale


North East England, UK.