Land for Sale: Plots 1 & 2, Kostinbrod, Sofia District, Bulgaria



Plots 1 & 2, Kostinbrod, Sofia District, Bulgaria.

The plots are located at Zad Chukaro Area, Batkovtsi Neighbourhood, Dragovishtitsa Village, Kostinbrod, Municipality, Sofia Province, Bulgaria.  The grid reference is: 42°50’31.66″N – 23°12’36.54″E.  The subject plots are located to the northwest of Sofia City.   Sofia City centre is 20km from the site and can be accessed via Lomsko Chayssee Blvd.




The subject property comprises two unregulated land plots (for agricultural use) with a total area of 43,128 sq.m., with broadly rectangular shapes.  The plots are registered under separate title numbers 360020 and 960013.

Both plots face roads, plot 360020 faces the A25 and plot 960013 faces a local IV-TH class road leading to Dragovishtitsa Village.

The western boundary of plot 360020 is approximately 90m along the A25 and to the north it faces plot 960013.  To the east the plots face agricultural land and a separate development plot is located to the south.

Plot 960013 faces the local road to the west and other development plots to the north and east.  To the south the plot faces the other subject plot.

A development was proposed for the construction of 227 apartments and a 58 bedroom hotel, The apartments are detailed on the following plan:



There is planning permission in place for the development of 227 apartments on plot 1 (Capital 68) and a 58 bedroom hotel on plot 2 (Aston Hotel).

The proposed development comprises 73 x studio apartments, 97 x 1-bed apartments and 57 x 2-bed apartments, total 227 apartments which were to be built in six blocks, each with 4 levels.  In addition, plans for a 58 bedroom hotel to be built on the second plot.

The land remains bare and undeveloped.


Planning & Statutory Regulations

Planning permission has previously been granted for the development of 227 apartments and a 58 bedroom hotel.



Title is registered on two separate deeds.


Further Information

For further information please contact Damian Short on 0161 359 4332 or by email [email protected].


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Kostinbrod, Sofia District, Bulgaria